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Okay, call me crazy! I’ve got two wonderful boy kitties–Tigger and Bubbles–and a, well, some would say not-so-wonderful bichon frise girlie girl dog, Sparkle.

Look for yourself:

TiggerThis is Tigger–always regal looking, but a big baby at heart.

Bubbles Bubbles, aka Mr. Fatty, has a squishy jello-belly, long hairs between his toes, and a surprisingly bossy disposition.

Laura and Sparkle Here’s my baby girl when I first brought her home. Even now, she’s smaller than my boys, and she’s full grown!

What more could a single mother who’s living in a 980-square-foot condo want?

Hee, hee, hee… (more…)

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My sister and I took my Dad to the neurologist’s office this morning so we could learn more about about the memory problems he’s been having. I had a bad feeling going into the appointment because my siblings and I have thought for some time now that he needs to move to a senior care facility, but he’s been very resistant. I just didn’t think the doctor would find his memory loss significant enough to warrant his staying in a “home” of any sort. I was surprised to see that I was very wrong.


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Laura Merrill


So she isn’t house-broken yet, and
She cries when I leave her unattended, and
She has kennel cough, which cost me $50 to treat.
So what?
She’s BEAUTIFUL, isn’t she?
Ho, Ho, Ho
Merry Christmas!
–from Sparkle



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Christmas Kitty

I’m a very lucky woman: I get to decorate my tree multiple times this holiday season! Why, you ask? Because my cat Tigger keeps climbing the tree and knocking it over! Ugh!

While a real tree smells and looks wonderful, my fear of it catching fire prevents me from purchasing one. Also, when I think about having to spend $70+ PER YEAR on a tree that lasts only one season, my frugality kicks in full force. However, when I woke up this morning to my tree on its side for the second time–and this time with half the “branches” completely removed from the “trunk”–I wished I had a real tree that was a little sturdier. Alas! Won’t happen. This most recent crash resulted in some damage to the tree, so my daughter and I had to buy a new one. We lucked out on the price, and it even had colored lights already on it… something my daughter and I really love.

The other thing Tigger likes to do is eat the curling ribbon on the packages under the tree. So again, lucky me came home to Christmas puke on the living room carpet. Eeewww!

Meowy Christmas!

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Plenty of Sparkle Plenty

I promised my daughter a puppy when I bought our condo, and, boy, do I wish I hadn’t. Sparkle Plenty–a tireless, crazy ball of white Bichon Frise fluff–has made her presence known in any number of ways, most notably in the form of feces on my off-white carpeting. Oh yeah. I’m supposed to tell you something sweet about her.

Can’t think of anything.  😦

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