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Kaleidoscope of Color

I am officially in my new home! I am so excited about everything this move will bring: independence, privacy, a place for self-expression. One of the ways I’ve been able to express myself is in the colors I chose for my house. (I hate saying “condo.” Just seems so cold to me.) And the colors are beautiful!

sunflower-chair.JPGMy living room is a muted cape red and the adjoining dining room is Cape Red below the chair rail and harvest yellow above. These match my gorgeous overstuffed chair with the large sunflower motif, as shown at left (along with sweet Tigger). The hallway is creamy yellow.

kitchen.JPGOff the hall on the right is the bright blueberry kitchen. It will make any University of Kentucky fan hoot and holler, as on game day. What’s especially nice about this room is that it’s perfect for displaying my daughter’s artwork, one piece of which is shown here (along with her favorite kitten, Bubbles).

sallys-room.JPGMy daughter’s bedroom and bathroom are lemony yellow. Her room has orange accessories, along with all of the other typical “tween” trappings: Posters of her favorite t.v. personalities, Medusa lamp with multi-colored shades, etc.


bathroom.JPG The bathroom has fish accessories, from the shower curtain to the glass sculptures of crazy-colored fish hanging on the walls. I’ve always had fish accessories in my bathroom, and this new place is no exception. There’s also an adorable frog throw rug in there, which adds to the whimsical feel.


lauras-room.JPGStraight to the back is my moss green bedroom with salmon, yellow, and orange accessories. You can see my computer (on the left in the photo), where I type all of these blog entries. The master bath is salmon with moss green accessories. It’s going to be great for when company comes and they need their privacy.

What’s cool about living in this small place is that you can see all of these colors the moment you step in the door. It’s very warm and inviting. It’s so nice to be settled in my own place–a place I bought all by myself!

BTW: The fabric I chose for my dining room table cloth is a patchwork of color! It pulls my entire home together… and reminds me of my online kaleidoscope. 🙂

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