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Lots of things are happening for me right now. In fact, my life has been so fortuitous that I wonder whose life it is anyway. I’m just not used to things going my way, and now nothing isn’t going my way. Let me start from the beginning…

At the end of November, I called a retail store I’d worked for years ago to see if they needed Christmas help. I was invited back immediately and so I got to spend several weeks making little children’s days complete. Almost immediately after taking this second job, my friend Tiffany offered me a proofreading job and I began editing in earnest. No sooner did I take this editing job than I found the condo I’ve been looking for for the past four months. But the good fortune didn’t stop there. I submitted a low bid on the condo, and it was upped by only $1,500–a figure I found infinitely reasonable given the move-in condition of the condo. So I got the condo that fits my needs precisely! (more…)


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1. Start a new blog (forthcoming) about Career Development issues.

2. Make business cards to distribute as I network to find a more suitable job.

3. Clean up my not-ready-yet resume.

4. Make my daughter and me matching p.j.’s. Let said daughter help!

5. Study for psychology class, even though I’m only auditing it.

6. Begin looking for a condominium to purchase once my divorce is final… in 45 days (I’m not counting 😉 ).

7. Find new and interesting blogs, such as “Language Rules!”

8. Rent a cool car and just drive.

9. Start a new journal… with room for paint.

10. Count my blessings, beginning with my sweet little girl.

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My faith journey began when I was three years old, walking up the aisle in church to see “Baby Jesus.” Mom had purchased gifts for us to give to Baby Jesus on Christmas, and I was going to see Him in the manger at the alter. I vividly remember tugging at Mom’s sleeve and asking, “Where’s Baby Jesus? Where’s Baby Jesus?” Of course, when I got to the alter with my gifts in tow it wasn’t Baby Jesus after all, and Mom had to explain that we had gifts for other babies but that we were giving them in Jesus’ name. Needless to say, I was disappointed that Jesus wasn’t there.


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And Then Nothing

“It was raining like crazy outside,” she recalls reflectively.

“My sister and I were swimming along the edge of the street, right up next to the curb. The water was that deep. I remember feeling sand on my thighs as I pulled myself up and down the street in my bathing suit.”

“And what happened next?” she asks.

“We were standing by the mailbox on the corner. A nice man with a beard came over to us and asked if he could take us swimming. He was a little man, little and very friendly. ‘We’ll just go to the synagogue and swim in the viaduct. It’s really deep over there!’” (more…)

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No Wonder

My daughter and I had “the sex talk.” As expected, it was hilarious. Read on… (more…)

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In reading fellow blogger timthefoolman’s Monoculture of Faith, I was struck by how familiar that way of thinking was to me.

I come from a family of liberal Episcopalians, but in my adult years have joined a nondenominational mega church that my mother regularly scoffs. Let me explain… (more…)

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Growing Fear

I’m seriously thinking about enrolling in graduate school, and it is scaring me to death! How will I ever “pass” the Graduate Requisite Exam when I’ve been out of school for nearly twenty years? Will the admissions team like my creative writing piece that is a required part of the application process? If I’m accepted, how in the world am I going to pass the foreign language test that is part of the Masters of English degree requirement—it’s been more than twenty years since I’ve tried to conjugate a verb in French. (more…)

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